15mic*12000m BOPA Nylon film

We offer our BOPA material in widths from 350mm-2000mm. This material has excellent resistance to puncture and abrasion. It is used for food packaging and applied in the process of printing and laminating.

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Paper Core



Printing and Lamination for foods package

Nylon Film Technical Date

1. Thickness : 15µ
2. Thickness tolerance : ± 3% maximum
3. Density : 1.15
4. Surface tension (corona treated surface): > 52 dyne
5. Haze : < 3%
6. Gloss : > 90
7. Heat shrinkage: < 2% (160°C, 5 min)
8. COF : 0.3-0.5
9. Puncture resistance : 8N
10. OTR : < 50 cc/m3.day.atm (23°C, 0% RH)

Package Details

(6″ paper core) Al-plastic film // Plywood // Plug // Pallet // Wrapping film; 6 reels per pallet;
1、Packing with aluminium foil enclosed tight and neatly taped.
2、Roll core must be stored with the desiccant,and not allowed to be out of shape, collapse or dent
3、labels on cores, aluminium foil, cartons must be the same and in one direction.
4、Wooden screen of every roll must have one packing strap, products with a width over 900mm must have two more straps.

Product Details:

Biaxial oriented polyamide (BOPA) film (also called Nylon Film) meets nearly all expectations of modern and future first-class applications, whether food or non-food. Especially suitable for packing foods that deteriorate easily, frozen and cooked foods, vegetables, aquatic products and medical machines, electronic products, etc.


  1. Excellent tensile, impact and piercing strength
  2.  Puncture and impact resistance
  3.  Excellent barrier to gases (oxygen, nitrogen, carton dioxides) and flavours/odours
  4.  High resistance to oil, greases, hydrocarbons, chemicals
  5.  Easy thermo-formability
  6.  High Transparency
  7.  Optimal printability
  8.  Wide applicable temperature range
  9.  Easy laminating with other films(such as PE, EVA, PET, CPP and aluminium foil)


  • Vacuum pack
  • Frozen foods
  • Seasoning
  • Pet food package
  • Coffee Pack
  • Liquid Package
  • Ham and Sausage

Laminated Structures

  • Two Layer Lamination General package: PA/PE
  • There Layer Lamination Retort Pouch: PET/PA/AI/PP
  • Four  Layer Lamination Liquid Packaging: PET/PA/PE

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