Knows The Future Of BOPA (Nylon) Film

The demand for packaging materials is increasing day by day. With increasing demand, manufacturers around the world are improving the quality and quantity of their products. BOPA films are one of the most in-demand packaging materials. These films are predicted to be encouraging as their exceptional properties predict better performance in the flexible packaging market. […]

Why Is Packaging Important For Personal Care Products?

Personal care products and cosmetics are widely used all over the world. This results in the continued release of personal hygiene and cosmetic products or ingredients into the environment. To better understand the importance of personal care packaging, we need to know the importance of personal hygiene. It is essential for good physical and mental […]

Everything You Need To Know About Nylon (PA)

BOPA film or Biaxially Oriented Polyamide film is a type of nylon film which is processed by a method called biaxial orientation. Also known as BON or Biaxially Oriented Nylon film. Biaxial orientation words refer to a method in which nylon film is stretched in a unique way that changes the orientation of its polymeric chains.

Packaging Role In Pharmaceutical Industry

The importance of nylon films in the packaging industry is based on their high mechanical strength, excellent thermoforming properties, heat resistance, antiseptic ability, and excellent barrier properties against gases, especially oxygen and flavours.

The Balloon Kingdom: All About Balloons!

These things are completely faded and nothing but a thin coating is used to prevent UV light from entering the food when it is packaged to prolong the freshness. Fill one with a lot of air; like a balloon with a little more helium than you then a bright light shines on one side; if you see the light, it will not stop the helium from coming out at all. Nylon LLDPE is used in party balloons.

Vacuum Packaging – Prevent Food Waste

Why do food vacuum packaging bags like nylon composite film? This is because nylon composite film as a packaging bag material has many advantages such as high tensile strength, good moisture resistance, low oxygen permeability, oil resistance, and high and low-temperature resistance.

Southeast Asian Food: Rice Madness or Passion?

For rice packaging bags, the main packaging functions are providing great puncturing capacity and resistance. Nylon and PE are the most widely used packaging film. If combined with nylon film they can also achieve a vacuum effect/environment.

Seasoning Packaging – What & Why We Use It!

It is very important for packaging of seasoning to keep the quality because the subtle difference of taste and flavor are value of commodities in itself. Firstly gas barrier, moisture barrier, flavor barrier are required in order to keep the quality because transportation and preservation term is long under normal temperature.


Retort pouches are flexible laminated structures that can withstand
temperatures associated with retort processing of products such as seafood, meats, rice, beans, sauces, prepared meals and pet food.