HS Classifcations of Nylon & Polyamides 6

Nylon film HS code

Nylon film HS CODE: 39209200 HS Code 3920920000 Product name Polyamide plate, tablets, film, foil, flat strips Element 1: Name: Unprinted Unlaminated Nylon film Roll; 2: Brand: Yuncheng; 3: Use: Used for food package(After printed and laminated); 4: Appearance (color; shape, etc.): Transparent; 5: Component: 100% Polyamide-6; 6: Size: Thickness*Length:15mic*6000m; First unit kilogram VAT rate […]

Sequential vs. Simultaneous Biaxial Oriented Nylon Film

Simultaneous stretching The main points of the simultaneous stretching process are the water treatment tank, the primary film after cooling roller passes through water treatment tank before stretching, the film absorbs moisture and forms hydrophilic bond in 6 molecules, this weakens the hydrogen bond energy, making synchronous stretching possible. The structure of the water tank […]

What is the effect of humidity in the changing nylon film dimension?

Nylon film moisture absorption principle Nylon film moisture absorption principle: BOPA film is made of Polyamide 6(Nylon 6) as raw material. Polyamides contain polar amide groups (- CO-NH-), in which one -NH-group energy and one -C. The formation of hydrogen bonds is one of the important factors for the high crystallinity of polyamide. Although nylon […]

What is nylon film?

Biaxial oriented polyamide (BOPA) film Biaxial oriented polyamide (BOPA) film (also called Nylon Film). For many decades, nylon films made from polyamide 6, Polyamide 6 have been useful for many reasons – including toughness, transparency and cost-effectiveness. They have often been chosen as ideal candidates for heavy-duty industrial applications where toughness and durability are of […]

What is Sequential Stretching?

Sequential stretching involves two steps: the first uses a machine direction oriented (MDO ) to stretch the material in the machine direction over a series of rollers, effectively increasing the length and decreasing the thickness of the web. In the second step, a transverse direction oriented (TDO) stretches the film or sheet perpendicular to the […]