What is nylon film?

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Biaxial oriented polyamide (BOPA) film

Biaxial oriented polyamide (BOPA) film (also called Nylon Film). For many decades, nylon films made from polyamide 6, Polyamide 6 have been useful for many reasons – including toughness, transparency and cost-effectiveness. They have often been chosen as ideal candidates for heavy-duty industrial applications where toughness and durability are of primary concern – especially where high barrier properties related to gas, fat and transmission of aroma are necessary. These applications typically require high resistance to impact puncture and pin holing. Nylon is one of the main packing materials, and its major characteristics are resistance and barrier property, which could store goods for a longer time. Representative films for packing: NYLON FILM (PA); PET; PP; etc.

Nylon film Feature

BOPA characteristics

BOPA has excellent characteristics, it has a very high tensile strength, anti-puncture strength, excellent flexibility, resistance, resistance, high gas and aroma barrier properties, good transparency and gloss, excellent printability, a broad operating temperature range.

  • Excellent anti-stretching and anti-impact strength
  • Excellent Puncture-resistant and pinhole-resistant.
  • Good barrier property against oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide etc., fragrance, and odour;
  • Application temperature from -60℃ to 150℃
  • Excellent oil resistivity and solvent resistance
  • Nylon films have excellent hygienic properties that could be applied to all kinds of food packing.
  • Excellent transparency and glossiness
  • Functions would be influenced by the humidity


Therefore, BOPA film is especially suitable for the packaging of perishable foods, frozen and cooked foods, vegetables, agricultural products and aquatic products packaging, medical supplies, electronic products packaging.Applicable for:

  • Retort foods
  • Ham and Sausage
  • Rice and Grain
  • Metallized balloons
  • Frozen foods and Liquid foods
  • Oil and Cheese packing
  • Vacuum and gas flushed packaging


However, these films have often faced serious challenges. Their inherent hygroscopic nature means they absorb atmospheric moisture and lose their dimensional stability. Also, their brittleness and high crystallinity sometimes lead to puncture, tearing and cracking.

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