The demand for packaging materials is increasing day by day. With increasing demand, manufacturers around the world are improving the quality and quantity of their products.

BOPA films are one of the most in-demand packaging materials. These films are predicted to be encouraging as their exceptional properties predict better performance in the flexible packaging market.

Let’s dig deeper into the details!

BOPA Film Introduction

BOPA stands for Biaxially Oriented Polyamide Film. BOPA film is also called two-sided nylon film. These two-sided nylon films are made with a flat cast dye process and state-of-the-art three-layer extrusion method. This method is combined with a two-step tenter frame orientation.

This familiarity is a key factor in the success of BOPA films. Orientation is a key part of the polymer processing industry to convert pieces of plastic resin into valuable packaging films.

An Important Factor In The Growth Of The Nylon Film Market

Packaged Food Demand: One of the key factors driving the demand for BOPA films is the development of alternative channels for purchasing packaged foods such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, and other convenience stores.  In addition, the rapid shift in consumer preferences towards online ways of purchasing packaged food has further increased the demand for packaging solutions.

Processed food products are harmful when exposed to biological or environmental contaminants.  So processed food producers are slowly finding ways to maintain product consistency and extend shelf life.

Best Properties: Future Market Insights expects the excellent gas and moisture resistance properties of BOPA films to make them a preferred packaging solution among food packaging manufacturers to extend processed food products to extend their shelf life and preserve food quality.

The global BOPA film market is witnessing developments in packaging materials and innovations in packaging design technology.  The outstanding barrier properties of BOPA films are estimated to give them a remarkable choice for different uses of packaging.

The world is seeing a huge increase in demand for ready-to-eat foods, processed foods, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Such products require premium packaging which can extend its shelf life and also allow consumers to purchase packaged food. Thus, this specific demand will promote the sale of BOPA films that are essential for the safe and functional packaging of food products.

Packaging Solutions Need

The market demand for BOPA film is also growing rapidly in the consumer’s inclination towards online means of buying packaged food.

As a result, it has increased the need for packaging solutions.

With the growing demand for ready-to-eat food, and canned fruits and vegetables, the use of BOPA films is expected to emphasize processed foods as consumer safety will be a priority.

BOPA films have increased applications in vertical sections due to their lightweight and dimensional stability.

Extraordinary barrier features of BOPA films will be its sales points during the forecast period, which will be acceptable for hygiene and cross-contamination.

Innovations ranging from packaging material, design technology, and packaging material development to product development are expected to serve vendors working in the market well.

Highlights of the Nylon Films Market

Few Good Reasons Why Customers Prefer Bopa (Nylon) Film For Packaging?

Polyamide plastic film has favourable properties for packaging applications, especially food packaging.

The following are some features of this film that have compelled the users to use this film for packaging.

1. Extraordinary Mechanical Strength

Oriented polyamide film exhibits more remarkable mechanical properties, such as impact, puncture, burst, and tear resistance.

Processed food products are at risk of spoilage if exposed to biological or environmental contaminants. Thus, the BOPA film protects food products from this damage due to their good mechanical strength.

2. High Abrasion And Flex Crack Resistance

BOPA films provide more excellent defense against pinholing and as a result, the barrier is damaged.

This makes BOPA film the best option for freezing steam sterilization packaging applications.

3. Optical Properties

The nylon packaging film offers exceptional surface gloss and excellent transparency which makes it an ideal option for applications with the highest appearance of the package.

4. Laminating, Printing, and Metalizing

BOPA films in which corona has been treated (one or both) sides can give BOPA films extremely high levels of energy for exceptional ink, lamination, and metal adhesion.

You can use BOPA film for printing so that it can serve many fields.  Similarly, BOPA lamination films are suitable for various industries.

5. Gas and Aroma Barrier

BOPA films offer an incredible gas and aroma barrier.  These features come from a combination of resin classification and three-layer co-former technology.

The exceptional protection offered by BOPA films against moisture and gas is offered to makes them a preferred packaging solution among consumers.

6. Chemical resistance Nylon wrapping film offers excellent chemical resistance to many organic solvents, fertilizers, and many other commercial and industrial chemicals

Expectations Of Future Market Trends For BOPA Film

The BOPA film market is projected to grow in the coming years.

The food industry remains a major consumer of BOPA films and sees its current value expand.

A Market Report:

Few market reports claim that the future of the BOPA film market is influenced by changes in the packaging, automotive, construction, and electrical and electronics industries.

The global nylon film market is expected to decline in 2020 due to the global economic crisis caused by COVID-19.  However, the market will see a recovery in 2022.

It is expected to reach upward by billions and billions.

The key driver of growth in the BOPA film market is the increasing demand for flexible packaging. The reason is that the food and pharmaceutical market is expanding.

Other reasons are its superior mechanical strength, high transparency, chemical resistance, and excellent gas barrier properties compared to BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) and BOPET (biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate film).

The Future Of BOPA Film In Food Packaging

Within the BOPA film market, the use of food packaging is expected to remain in the end-to-end industry. You can see maximum growth due to increased demand for processed meat, red meat, and cheese packaging.

The demand for BOPA films is the most significant section in the barrier work.

It is also possible to observe maximum growth with the best defensive features during the forecast period.  It can be water-absorbing, odourless, better shelf life, and has lasting taste.

It is estimated that Europe and East Asia will jointly dominate the BOPA film market with 52% of the global market.

Wind-Up Findings

With the growth of the packaging industry, the demand for packaging films has increased. Due to the excellent features offered by BOPA film, it is gaining the best reputation in the packaging industry.

The main demand for BOPA film is in the food and pharmaceutical packaging industries. It is also expected that BOPA (Nylon) Film will continue to expand its position in the global market in the future.

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