Packaging Role In Pharmaceutical Industry

The importance of nylon films in the packaging industry is based on their high mechanical strength, excellent thermoforming properties, heat resistance, antiseptic ability, and excellent barrier properties against gases, especially oxygen and flavours.

HS Classifcations of Nylon & Polyamides 6

Nylon film HS code

Nylon film HS CODE: 39209200 HS Code 3920920000 Product name Polyamide plate, tablets, film, foil, flat strips Element 1: Name: Unprinted Unlaminated Nylon film Roll; 2: Brand: Yuncheng; 3: Use: Used for food package(After printed and laminated); 4: Appearance (color; shape, etc.): Transparent; 5: Component: 100% Polyamide-6; 6: Size: Thickness*Length:15mic*6000m; First unit kilogram VAT rate […]